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International Workshop Series to Foster Circular Economy Education Across Europe and Central Asia

The workshops are designed to bridge the gap between current academic offerings and the pressing need for sustainability through the principles of Circular Economy. Participants, including professors from the Central Asia region, will engage in a comprehensive learning experience, sharing the innovative practices of EU partners in embedding CE concepts into their courses.

1. Masterclass on Circular and Sustainable Economy:

The centerpiece of this initiative is the "Masterclass on Circular and Sustainable Economy", which aims to provide educators with the tools and knowledge to integrate CE principles into their teaching.

2. Empowering Educators for a Sustainable Future:

CirculEc is committed to leading the charge in sustainability education. By equipping educators with the knowledge and tools to teach Circular Economy concepts, we are investing in a more sustainable and resilient future," said Madina Yussubaliyeva, Project Coordinator of CirculEc project. "This workshop series is just the beginning of a global movement towards incorporating sustainability into every aspect of education in Central Asia."

About the CirculEc Project:

The CirculEC (Development of innovative curricula and modules in Circular Economy and Sustainable Development) project is aimed to build the capacity of the human capital in the HEIs of Central Asian countries on a circular economy in order to provide staff, students and wider public with skills and competences aligned to the needs of local labour markets and environmental challenges CA countries face.

Project will update current disciplines that HEIs have in the circular economy adapted to the needs of each country (KZ, TKM, TJ, UZ).

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