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Subject: Launch of the International Workshop Series on Implementing Circular Economy Disciplines

We are thrilled to announce an upcoming series of transformative workshops designed to integrate Circular Economy disciplines into academic curriculums. This prestigious event will embark on a journey starting in Bielefeld, then moving to Santiago, and concluding in Napoli. Spanning two days at each institution, our aim is to foster a rich exchange of experiences among EU partners on the successful incorporation of Circular Economy (CE) principles into educational frameworks.

Event Overview:

- Title: International Workshop Series on Circular Economy

- Locations: Bielefeld, Santiago, Napoli

- Duration: Two days per institution


The primary goal of this series is to empower professors from the Central Asia region with the necessary skills to effectively implement changes within their curriculums, ensuring the success and sustainability of Circular Economy education projects. This initiative is a stepping stone towards creating a more sustainable and resilient future through education.

Masterclass on Circular and Sustainable Economy:

Join Us:

This series is a unique opportunity for educators, sustainability advocates, and policy makers interested in the practical implementation of Circular Economy concepts within higher education. Together, we can pave the way for a sustainable future through collaborative learning and shared experiences.

Understanding the importance of accessibility to the event, Project partners will provide live streaming of the workshop series. This will be complemented by a video recording made available post-event, ensuring educators worldwide can benefit from this initiative"

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We look forward to welcoming you to this enlightening journey through Circular Economy education.

Warm regards,

CirculEc Project Team