Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan (re-established in 2009) is the higher research institution, aimed to consolidate efforts of scientists for implementation of fundamental researches in different spheres of science, national economy, rich centuries-old spiritual heritage and solution of social and economic problems. AST is the center of a Turkmen scientific-educational network where the main basic server and the center of remote training are located. The main duties is development of international scientific and technical collaboration of research and education support, creation of highly effective system of state support for international scientific and technical cooperation to ensure the concentration of the scientific potential in priority directions for our country, the development of science and technology.

AST is committed to receive strong and enduring partnerships with all project partner countriers organisations, Turkmen higher education, R&D and Governmental Institutions and developed a form of consultation processes with Turkmen auditorium, professors and researchers. At present 6 research (and Center of Technology) institutes work under authority of Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan. Important researches on physics and mathematics, chemistry, geology and technical sciences, medicine, biology, agricultural sciences and humanities are carried out in them; these researches will increase power and international authority of our state. Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan is the coordinating centre of scientific researches, carried out by the higher educational establishments and research institutes of different ministries and agencies. AST, unlike the classical academy of sciences of other countries, functions as a ministry of science and conducts a policy in the field of science for all educational institutions. In this regard, the Academy coordinates scientific activity of institutes, universities and educational organizations. There is a commission for the approval of curricula, study programs, textbooks for higher educational institutions. In connection with the foregoing, the Academy of Sciences has a great opportunity to introduce and extend the education and training systems in various branches of the economy. AST can contribute to the project and provide support in WP#....... as well as in other Project WPs. AST will support in leading partner of WPs and make all effort in collaboration with all key stakeholders to actively engage with the National associated partners in implementation project ideas and submitting those for potential inclusion into the project line.

The concept of development of the education system in Turkmenistan is aimed at creating and wide range educational environment and providing the education system at all levels with improving the quality and improving teaching methods as well as preparation of new programmes.

Modernization of the economy system is impossible without the training of new generated specialists, corresponding to high quality standards and the implementation of continuous professional development of the existing personnel. In these conditions, the improvement of the system of training young specialists is of particular importance and AST will provide significant support in the project implementation.

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