Social Behavior

The Tajik State University of Commerce has a modern dormitory consisting of three residential buildings with 189 rooms.

Every year, the university administration allocates funds for the current repair of the hostel and the purchase of necessary materials.

Students from all over the country live in the dormitory. Also in the third building of the hostel live teachers and staff with their families. On the first floor of the second building of the hostel there is a dining room for students.

The Department of Educational Work, together with the staff of the hostel, takes measures to improve the living conditions of the residents of the dormitory and solve existing problems.

On each floor of the two buildings where students live, a floor manager is appointed from among the active students, who checks and controls discipline, compliance with sanitary and epidemiological requirements and cleanliness on the floor.

According to the work plan, scientific, cultural, educational and sports events are held for students living in the dormitory in order to improve educational work, promote a healthy lifestyle, increase self-awareness and patriotic pride of young people and keep the dormitory clean and tidy.

The Department of Educational Work and responsible representatives of the structural divisions of the university regularly check the discipline in the hostel in order to prevent delinquent offenses among the students of the dormitory.

Since April 1, 2021, the director of the hostel is Odinaev Abdukholik.

The hostel has the following staff:

- Gulbibi Ochilova, Head of the Department;

- Parvina Salimova, Head of the Department;

- Dilbar Boboeva, Commandant;

- Zebo Kadyrov, Commandant;

- Zebo Medzhnunova, Head of the Department;

- Gulrukhsor Rajabova, Head of the Department;

- Gulrafor Rajabova, Commandant;

- Kutbia Zaripova, Commandant;

- Mayguna Rakhmonkulova, Commandant;

- Shakhnoza Ruziboeva, cleaning lady;

- Mawluda Gafor, cleaning lady;

- Malika Barotova, cleaning lady;

- Mavluda Saidova, cleaning lady;

- Zulfiya Kadyrova, cleaning lady;

- Niholbi Akramova, cleaning lady;

- Madina Safoeva, laundress;

- Khayri Nematova, laundress;

- Mizhgona Habibulla, nurse;

- Mahmadsharif Kholov, electrician;

- Usmon Khushmurodov, carpenter;

- Rustam Ismatov, plumber.

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