Scientific Library

The University's Scientific Library, as an information, cultural, educational and spiritual foundation, was established on December 31, 2020 on the basis of the University Library.

The staff of the scientific library works on the basis of the policy of the Founder of Peace and National Unity, Leader of the Nation, President Emomali Rahmon in the field of culture, legislation in the field of higher education, orders of the Rector of the Tajik State University of Commerce, the charter of the university, the regulations of the Department of Science and Innovation, the regulations of the scientific library, job descriptions and the implementation of the approved annual plan of activities of the scientific library.

It should be noted that the first scientific and educational literature was delivered to the scientific library of TSUC from Moscow, St. Petersburg and Novosibirsk.

The fund of the Scientific Library consists of the following materials –

– scientific books-23,766;

– textbooks – 53,869;

– art books – 4 103.

The total fund of the Scientific Library is more than 80 thousand books.

The Scientific Library has more than 5 thousand readers. There are two reading rooms for teachers and students, two halls of the electronic library, a subscription hall and a storage room for books.

The electronic library has more than 19 thousand textbooks in three languages.

An electronic library is a new way to present books and information to readers using computer technology. The information material is made out in electronic form, and the contents of the book are recorded on the disk and read by a computer. The library contains electronic textbooks, which are used by students and teachers in the process of studying and teaching at the university. CDs and DVDs

The electronic library has 360 educational discs in Russian and English, as well as on specific subjects.

The main obligations of the Scientific Library staff:

– meeti the multidisciplinary information needs of students;

– using use of modern technologies in the course of their activities;

– maintaining a leading position among other scientific libraries of higher education institutions of the country;

– assertion to students and teachers in obtaining information literacy in the field of library science

– preservation of the library fund and the scientific heritage of the University;

Every year, the library subscribes to more than 25 newspapers and magazines of the Republic.

The Scientific Library has a large number of scientific, educational and artistic books in different languages;

– Tajik: 33 thousand 307;

– Russian: 32 thousand 679;

– Uzbek and other languages: 54;

– Arabic: 330.

– English: 15 thousand 368.

Since 2001, the scientific library of the university has been headed by Gavhar Madieva.

The Scientific Library has the following staff members:

– Mavluda Gulova, Senior Librarian;

– Rukhsora Mamadnaimova, Bibliographer;

– Malika Sattarova, Electronic Library Specialist;

– Navrasta Dustova, Librarian;

– Fotima Nazarova, Librarian;

– Zamira Rakhmonova, Librarian;

– Mavzuna Mirzokhodzhayeva, Librarian.

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