Registration Department and Testing Center

The Registration Department and the Testing Center, as an important and necessary structural unit, register all forms of educational activities of students during their studies.

Specialists of the department monitor the organization of the educational process of students and determine their academic rating.

The Registration Department and Testing Center was established on December 31, 2020, by combining the Registration Department and consultation with the University's Testing Center.

The Department operates on the basis of the instructions of the Founder of Peace and National Unity, the Leader of the Nation, the President of the Republic of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon, the regulatory and legal framework in the field of higher education, the orders of the Rector of the Tajik State University, commerce, the charter of the University, the instructions of the educational department and the regulations of the department, official instructions and the annual activity plan.

On January 5, 2021, PhD student, senior lecturer Dilshod Komilov was appointed head of the Registration Department and the Testing Center.

The department employs the following specialists:

– Nasiba Ashurova, Registrar;

– Nodira Saidova, Registrar;

– Sanavbar Turahonzoda, Registrar;

– Afzuna Saladorova, Registrar;

– Furkat Siddikov, registrar;

– Nasim Bogiyev, Registrar;

– Shodi Murodov, operator-clerk;

– Izatullo Rahmatullo, cameraman

– Amina Abdulloeva, operator.

Currently, all the activities of the department's specialists are fully automated.

The specialists of the department mainly perform the following tasks:

– inclusion in the test database of test questions prepared by the teaching staff;

– determination of the number of students (full name, code, group) by faculty and specialty;

– organization, conduct and control of test exams;

– on the basis of the order of the rector of the university, make changes and additions to the database on the activities of students;

– advice and assistance to teachers of departments on the activities of computer classes and computer programs;

– ensuring the smooth operation of the test system of computer classes;

– at the end of the semester, preparing and informing departments about the results of testing students in academic disciplines;

– providing information to the university administration and faculties about the results of the students testing.

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