Publishing Department

The Publishing Department was established in January 2021 on the basis of the Information and Public Relations Department. An integral part of the Department is the official website of TSUC and the newspaper "Tojir".

The Department operates on the basis of the wise policy and instructions of the Founder of Peace and National Unity-the Leader of the Nation, President Emomali Rahmon, legislation in the field of higher education, orders of the Rector of the Tajik State University of Commerce, the charter of the University, the Department of Science and Innovation, the regulations on the department, job descriptions and the implementation of the approved annual plan of the department.

Specialists of the publishing department, in cooperation with the structural divisions of TSUC, including the Educational Department, the Department of Science and Innovation, departments and faculties, contribute to the organization of events, forums, conferences, seminars and sports competitions in order to increase the level of knowledge, foster pride in the motherland and patriotic self-consciousness of students.

The goals and objectives of the Publishing Department are as follows:

– formation, improvement and implementation of a unified information policy in order to improve the image and reputation of TSUC;

– coordination of the activities of all structural divisions of the University on the issues of a unified information policy and corporate culture (image work, advocacy, Internet sources;

– various exhibition, publishing and cultural activities);

– organization and promotion of the functioning of the unified system of corporate information of the TSUC: the university website and the newspaper " Tojir»;

– development and dissemination of information and propaganda materials about the activities of TSUC and its structural divisions;

– coverage of the activities and effective interaction of the university management with various segments of civil society, state bodies, mass media, organizations and institutions;

– development of strategy, planning and implementation of corporate information activities TSUC: development and enrichment of the university website, publication of the student newspaper " Tojir»;

– providing information support, promoting the concept of promoting TSUC in the market of educational services and scientific achievements;

– development and planning of the university's advocacy strategy and efforts to implement it;

– creation of appropriate information communication between the structural divisions of TSUC and the formation of a favorable socio-psychological environment in it.

Since January 2021, the head of the publishing department is Rajabali Sharifov.

The Department employs the following specialists:

– Abdulmakin Mirzoev, editor of the Tajik section of TSUC's website;

– Khushnud Fayzaliyev, Chief Specialist of the TSUC's website;

– Ravshan Kadyrov, editor of the Russian and English sections of TSUC's website;

– Saidhuja Abdulkosim, Photographer.

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