Intellectual competition at the faculty

Бинанда: 93 | Санаи нашр: 10 November 2020

Dedicated to the " twentieth Anniversary of the study and development of natural Sciences, exact Sciences and mathematics in science and education” from November 10 to 13, 2020, the first round of the Olympiad on information technology, management, entrepreneurship and accounting at the faculty of Economics and management. More than 170 active University students took part in the survey.

The Olympiad was held at a high level with the participation of teachers of the departments of the faculty, the Department of science and the Department of science of the faculty.

The process of the Olympiad was observed by officials of heads of departments of the University and teachers.

The range of issues raised in this intellectual competition includes important and topical issues of information technology, management, business, accounting, analysis and audit in the context of the digital economy.

This year's Olympiad showed that students have completed comprehensive training in cooperation with faculty teachers.

Head of the Faculty of Economics and Management