The Tajik State University of Commerce (TSUC) produces outstanding university graduates with highly developed intercultural skills who know how to meet their responsibilities as global citizens in exemplary fashion in a globalizing world.

The University supports talented individuals from abroad who want to study at the TSUC or pursue their research here.   The University is deeply interested in an optimal study experience for its students. The University strives to foster international awareness and an appreciation of all cultures by promoting cultural exchange with foreign universities through activities such as dinners, seminars, visiting lecturers, and country displays. The University maintains numerous relationships with a foreign university on six continents for research and teaching exchanges.

International Services Mission:

  • Build, promote and strengthen strategic international partnerships and agreements;
  • Advise international students, scholars and staff regarding immigration compliance, visa status maintenance and acculturation issues;
  • Provide quality programs and services for the international community;
  • Be involved in the linkages with foreign governments, agencies and foundations and collaborate with foreign universities;
  • To help students understand the business and cultures of other countries and serve their home countries by contributing to their development, following graduation;
  • Seek the establishment of joint/dual programs with internationally prestigious universities.
  • Develop, plan, conduct and implement orientation programs for new students and scholars;
  • Offers funding for international internships and study abroad in the summer;
  • Promote cross cultural understanding by working with foreign universities, educational agencies and other on campus organizations to plan events and inform students and scholars about upcoming activities, via listserv, email and the International Services website.
  • Communication and relations services, to promote and share the international research and scholarship of TSUC, staff and students through various media and public engagement activities

TSUC Vision

To be the premier business school with a world-wide reputation that develops future leaders with social awareness who understand both Tajikistan and emerging countries of the world’s regions.


TSUC’s values

- Inclusiveness (and Multicultural Awareness)
- Global mindedness
- Social responsibility
- Ethical integrity and Professionalism

Tajik State University of Commerce is committed to providing undergraduates with high quality opportunities to enrich and expand their education through firsthand encounters with the people, cultures, and contemporary concerns of other regions of the world.

Stylized facts and data about exchange mobility and research cooperation with
the universities in abroad: Average percentage 2013-2019